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Fall 2021 Incubator Program Calendar

Applications Open   August 1st
Applications Close   August 31st
Founders Selected   September 7th
Start of Program   September 14th
Graduation Pitch Day   November 27th

Next SEASON was not announced yet. The registration link will be available here.

Tech Ventures Incubator Program

The Mission

Learn - This program will help founders hurdle any obstacles and get to the next level by providing advice from seasoned professionals and educational workshops to strengthen skills.

Launch - At the end of this 3-Months Program our goal is to get participating startups a seed investment or pilot with an enterprise company.

Key Takeaways

Validation - Gain valuable information and feedback from Tech Ventures mentors and advisors on a weekly basis.

Exposure – It's a good chance to mix and mingle with the whole startup ecosystem and like-minded individuals: potential customers, investors and tech influencers.

Graduation Day

Pitch - In conclusion of the program, we celebrate participating Founders who have successfully graduated from the program with a 5-minute pitch & demo combo in front of the Tech Ventures Capital representatives.

Pilot - A jury made of TechVentures.Bank executives will analyse the possibility for subsequent pilot projects with TECHVENTURES BANK.



Have an idea or minimum viable product and need business or technology advice? Dare and book your 1-to-1 meeting to one of our serial entrepreneurs.


We are focused on providing workspace, coaching, funding and relevant events to help founding teams start, scale, and build meaningful technology companies.

Venture Capital

We invest in very early stage tech companies that have the potential to improve the way we live, work and play.

Season 3 - Fall 2020

Season 2 - Spring 2020




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