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Founder & CEO at TechVentures.ro
Executive Manager at Reporting Center

Woman in Tech, Elena founded this incubator, TechVentures.ro, after a life-changing experience in the USA, meant to encourage people to dare and work on their vision. She is determined to enable the local Tech Startup Ecosystem rise.

Elena spent more than 10 years building Reporting Systems for more than 20 Banks. As a result, in addition to her strong technical capabilities, she has a vast banking business knowledge. She was focused on engineering elastic solutions able to accommodate the frequently changing regulation in banking.

After gaining relevant experience in this field, in 2015 she founded the company Reporting Center where she creates reporting software solutions for the European banking market.

In 2016, she launched Elite Reporting Platform – an innovative tool to accurately automate the Regulatory Reporting for Banks and other financial institutions. It covers data extraction, data parse, algorithms computations, reports’ export in standard format (Excel, XBRL, XML, CSV, TXT etc.). It contains a repository with all the Regulatory Reporting required by the European Banking Authorities (FINREP, COREP, BASEL etc.). This application, was quickly adopted by the Banks, as it was up and running in 5 different Banks, just 3 months after its launch. Nowadays, the application is installed in eight Banks and one Non-Banking Financial Institution.